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Bad Indians

Online Author Event – Bad Indians


Today’s pandemic stay-at-home order means many families must deal with online schooling for their children. Back in April 2013, I reviewed Deborah A. Miranda’s Bad IndiansFew books have ever had such a lasting effect on me, and I’m hoping that if you attend the Online Author Event – Bad Indians, you will discover a fresh look at the historical subject of the California Missions.

In California, the “Mission Unit” is usually covered in the fourth grade. Before any student begins this study, their parent(s) ought to first read Miranda’s Bad Indians. And for those of you who have children at home who are well past fourth grade, after you’ve read the book, I would encourage you to have those older offspring read it, too. In addition, I would encourage the family to attend Facebook’s online Bad Indians author event from the Center for Literary Arts of San Jose.

And after having read the book: what to talk about at the dinner table? How about this opening, “Well, what do you think about Bad Indians? It doesn’t matter whether or not you live in California or have ever visited a California Mission, Miranda’s book should be read and discussed by families across the United States. It is the perfect history lesson about the disastrous effects of colonization. As upsetting and uncomfortable much of our US History is and may make us feel, we become stronger, smarter, and hopefully more compassionate citizens when we acknowledge that history head-on.

With that being said, I have already put the online reading event with Deborah A. Miranda on my calendar, and I hope you will, too.  –   Sunny Solomon

Thursday, May 28th
Live reading with Deborah A. Miranda!
Deborah A. Miranda, author of the award-winning Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir will be featured in a live reading and discussion over Facebook Live with The Center for Literary Arts of San José.
Register via Facebook and tune in LIVE on Thursday, May 28th, at 7 PM PDT!

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