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25 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Good blog about Montclair! Maybe it should go in ‘letters to the Editor’ in the Montclarion…or maybe that doesn’t exist anymore.

  2. Thanks, Judy – another good idea!

  3. Sarah Atkinson says:

    Where/how can we submit a book for review consideration?

    • Hi, Sarah – Thanks for contacting BWS. First of all, we need a bit of info: Book title; Genre; Publisher; Distributor. These are issues we consider before requesting a review copy.

  4. Bet says:

    Sunny the book I suggested is WHISTLING PAST THE GRAVEYARD Susan Crandall, the discussion last night was one of our best, they all are good,but that one was great, thanks for being there, you are what makes it work, Betty m

    • Thanks for the additional information, Betty. I’ll try and get that up ASAP, and I agree, last night was a good discussion, you guys are a great group of readers! I can’t imagine doing anything else on that second Monday of each month.

  5. Gregory Randall says:

    Sunny, the latest Sharon O’Mara book is going to be released in January, I am looking for a review. What is your calendar and schedule like? All the best. Greg Randall

    • Hi Greg – I’m swamped like always. Has your distribution changed? Can a customer walk into an Indie and find it, or call an Indie and order it from them? I’m still so angered by Amazon and really pushing for folks to only buy from Indies, paper or electronic. After all it’s those pot-holes, those bad street signs, and just about every other city thing that needs fixing — it’s just those things that need the tax $$$$s Bezos is holding onto. Okay, I’m off my soapbox. If it can be had in Indie stores, send me a copy for review.

  6. Gail says:

    Is there a way to search for a particular book and read your review? Curious to see what others think of “under the wide and starry sky” by Nancy Horan How do I find that review if you have it in your site?

    • Hi Gail – you can type in the title or author in the little Search window to the right on the Home Page, or,, you could hit the Book Reviews drop menu, to the right of the Home button, and look under Title or Author. The Search window is easiest. They absolutely should work, but if not, here the link: http://bookinwithsunny.com/wide-starry-sky/ Thanks for visiting Bookin’ with Sunny.

  7. laura says:

    Hello, Sunny: I recently finished writing a novel entitled “The Unaccompanied Tour,” best described as a page-turner for middle-aged moms. It’s the story of a courageous mother’s trek over 6,000 miles to reunite with her daughter in time of war. I wrote, edited, and published the book myself, and now I am reaching out for reviews. If any of your bloggers would consider writing a review, I would be thrilled. Many thanks for your consideration.

  8. Janice says:

    Hello, I am interested in sending you a new book, “The Man Curse,” that we are launching soon. Is there an email or mailing address that I may send a copy of the book to? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Janice –

      Need a bit more information. Are you the author? If not, who is the author? Also, very important to know the publisher. Bookin’ with Sunny makes every effort to ensure our reviewed books are available on the shelves of local bookstores.

      Generally we do not review unsolicited books, and at the moment, have a fair number of books already waiting for review. Please respond with the requested information and we will consider your request. Thanks for thinking of us.

  9. Stuart Macadam says:

    I recommend The Mighty Knights and Sapphire’s Castle, books by author Peter J Clark.

  10. tygerpen says:

    So glad you’re reviewing Kate’s books and good to see a children’s writer!

    If you want to check out a YA nonfiction book that’s a compelling read (blew me away!!), read Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War. This book, like author Steve Sheinkin’s other books, is nominated for the National Book Award. I also was impressed with “Bomb” and “The Port Chicago 50.” His works read like watching a movie.

    • Hi Trudi – Thanks for the comment about Kate and children’s writers. BWS has quite a few book reviews for the younger reader, from picture books on up. Check it out on the home page. Thanks also for the Steve Sheinkin recommendation – those titles look great. I’ve read “The Port Chicago 50” and you’re right, he’s a fine writer.

  11. alan s kessler says:

    Hi Sunny,

    Rather than clog your comment page with

  12. alan s kessler says:

    Hi Sunny,

    I apologize for the last post. I hit the post button too soon.
    But to continue, and to elaborate, briefly, rather than clog your comments with a long blurb about my new novel, Clarence Olgibee–it is an historical novel, release date, March, 2016, summed up as follows:

    “Kessler exposes the rotten heart of racism and class conflict as lives in a small Ohio city intersect in
    startling ways. No one – not the white supremacists, the aspiring black
    residents, the white liberal do-gooders – escapes the author’s pessimism and
    disgust at the human condition. In the unmitigated darkness of his satire,
    Kessler proves himself the true American heir of Louis-Ferdinand Céline.”
    –Diane Lefer, author of Confessions
    of a Carnivore and Nobody Wakes Up Pretty, Authors Choice, PEN USA
    (Radiant Hunger).

    If interested, I can send more info. Thank for your patience.

  13. Joan Elder says:

    Thank you, Sunny, for the introduction to this delightful blog. I just learned about “Sapiens” and am thinking I should find time for adding it to the other books lined up to be read during this busy season.

    • Hi Joan,
      Thanks for checking out BWS and glad you liked Neal’s review of
      “Sapiens.” So glad you like the site. Hope we review more books that will interest you.


  14. mikefitzuk says:

    Hi there. You might be interested in reviewing my new alternate history thriller, Payback – Hit on Hitler, published on 21 October 2016 by Moonshine Cove of South Carolina.

    In a world trembling on the brink of war the death of one man could change history. What if the Mafia and FBI joined forces to assassinate Hitler in 1938? The gangster Bugsy Siegel and an agent to control his volatile nature go to Italy on a mission to kill him.

    Payback is available in both paperback and Kindle editions and can be purchased from Amazon and other retailers.

    Comments on Payback by other published authors include:

    “a first-rate thriller – keeps the heart racing to the very last page” – James Thayer, author of S-Day;

    “A great read with an amazing plot that kept me always wanting more” – David Avoura King, author of Hitler Out of Time;

    “Strong characters, excellent research and surprising twists and turns” – Sandra Saidak, author of From the Ashes;

    “A great novel of what might have been” – Ian Hall, author of the Avenging Steel series;

    “Gangsters and Hitler – what could go wrong? Read Payback to find out” – James R Benn, author of Rag and Bone;

    “one of the most original ‘what if?’ novels since Fatherland” – Kim Kinrade, author of Rockets of the Reich

    ISBN numbers for the paperback are: • ISBN-10: 1945181001 and • ISBN-13: 978-1945181006 and ASIN numbers for the Kindle are: ASIN: B01MFABT1Q

    Payback has 268 pages and the price is $13.99 for the paperback edition $5.99 for the Kindle.

    Contact the author at: [email protected], http://mikefitzauthor.co.uk, http://mikefitzauthor.blogspot.co.uk, http://mikefitzuk.wordpress.com, https://www.facebook.com/mikefitzauthor, https://twitter.com/mikefitzauthor

    If you’d be interested in reviewing Payback I’d be happy to send you a copy as a mobi or PDF file.

    Thanks for your time


  15. jacciturner says:

    Hi Sunny, I had lunch with Susan Hendrick Cornfield today and she told me about your site. How does and author get books reviewed here? It looks great. Here is a link to my books: https://www.amazon.com/Jacci-Turner/e/B006D3187M/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1
    Jacci Turner: [email protected]

    • Hi, Jacci, I’m on vacation right now, but I will get back to you when I return. Thanks for your interest and I am far more willing to consider self-published work today.

  16. I would like to know how I might get my book, “Heir to a Secret” reviewed. It is a mystery/romance aimed at the over fifty female reader, so it could also be classified as “boomer lit.” The publisher is TreasureLine Books and it is available in both Kindle and paperback forms on http://www.amazon.com.

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