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My Dear Hamilton

MY DEAR HAMILTON Clearly, my generation of school children was taught […]
Jul 21, 2018 /


MOONGLOW While I was reading Michael Chabon’s Moonglow, I found myself […]
Jul 12, 2018 /

On Love, A Novel

ON LOVE, A NOVEL How many novels are written by philosophers? […]
Jul 5, 2018 /

The Bookseller

THE BOOKSELLER Ordinarily, I distrust a narrative strategy such as the […]
Jun 19, 2018 /


GRANT After reading Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton, I had some trepidation […]
May 7, 2018 /

Old Boys

OLD BOYS For those of us who relish old-fashioned, sophisticated spy […]
Apr 20, 2018 /

Prairie Fires

Apr 16, 2018 /

A Gentleman in Moscow

A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW The year is 1922, the victorious Bolsheviks, […]
Mar 11, 2018 /


WIDOW A classic cast of characters populates Sara Dahmen’s novel, Widow. […]
Mar 9, 2018 /

After the Shot Drops

AFTER THE SHOT DROPS Randy Ribay delivers a morally complex narrative […]
Mar 8, 2018 /

My Last Continent

MY LAST CONTINENT On one level Midge Raymond’s novel, My Last […]
Mar 7, 2018 /

Paris Metro

PARIS METRO I picked up Wendell Steavenson’s novel, Paris Metro, expecting […]
Mar 3, 2018 /

A Gentleman in Moscow

A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW Imagine incarceration, not in an isolated prison […]
Feb 27, 2018 /

The Faraway Nearby

THE FARAWAY NEARBY Rebecca Solnit's collection of nature essays The Faraway Nearby has […]
Feb 11, 2018 /

Valley of the Moon

VALLEY OF THE MOON When I was a girl, perhaps ten […]
Feb 10, 2018 /

An American Marriage

AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE Think of marriage as a lovely pond, surrounded […]
Feb 7, 2018 /

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