Bookin’ with Sunny is happy to welcome our newest reviewer, Ann Ronald. Ann needs no intro­duction to readers in the State of Nevada. Her latest book, Friendly Fallout 1953, was the enthu­si­astic choice for the 2011 Nevada Reads. Since I reviewed Friendly Fallout 1953 prior to meeting Ann, and long before her joining BWS, I feel no hes­i­tancy or con­flict of interest in rec­om­mending both book and author.

Ann is a retired English pro­fessor from the Uni­versity of Nevada, Reno. Author of dozens of reviews, she’s also written a number of books about the American West. They include lit­erary studies such as The New West of Edward Abby and Reader of the Purple Sage, cul­tural studies such as GhostWest and Oh, Give Me a Home, and nature writing such as Earth­tones: A Nevada Album.

I’ve just posted Ann’s review of Clara and Mr. Tiffany and I can’t wait to get the book back to read it myself.


  • Sunny Solomon

    Thanks, Trudi — we are lucky to have Ann’s reviews. And as for your friend who doesn’t like Westerns because they look dusty.…..they don’t look dusty, they ARE dusty. I can see her now, riding her Dirt Devil off in the sunset.

  • Trudi

    Enjoyed Ann’s review and pleased she shares my interest in the American West. (This reminds me– I have a friend who won’t watch Westerns because they look “dusty.”)  Trudi


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