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Ann Ronald

Welcome Ann Ronald

Bookin’ with Sunny is happy to welcome our newest reviewer, Ann Ronald. Ann needs no introduction to readers in the State of Nevada. Her latest book, Friendly Fallout 1953, was the enthusiastic choice for the 2011 Nevada Reads. Since I reviewed Friendly Fallout 1953 prior to meeting Ann, and long before her joining BWS, I feel no hesitancy or conflict of interest in recommending both book and author.

Ann is a retired English professor from the University of Nevada, Reno. Author of dozens of reviews, she’s also written a number of books about the American West. They include literary studies such as The New West of Edward Abby and Reader of the Purple Sage, cultural studies such as GhostWest and Oh, Give Me a Home, and nature writing such as Earthtones: A Nevada Album.

I’ve just posted Ann’s review of Clara and Mr. Tiffany and I can’t wait to get the book back to read it myself.


2 Responses

  1. Enjoyed Ann’s review and pleased she shares my interest in the American West. (This reminds me– I have a friend who won’t watch Westerns because they look “dusty.”)  Trudi

  2. Thanks, Trudi – we are lucky to have Ann’s reviews. And as for your friend who doesn’t like Westerns because they look dusty……they don’t look dusty, they ARE dusty. I can see her now, riding her Dirt Devil off in the sunset.

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