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Welcome Brandy Burgess, Our newest reviewer

I am happy to introduce and welcome our latest book reviewer, Brandy Burgess. Brandy’s addition to the staff is one more plus in lowering the average age of our reviewers. There is, of course, nothing wrong with the wisdom of us “mature” reviewers, but it is neat to get the takes from reviewers not so far away from the near-glut of YA titles that come our way.

Brandy Burgess holds a BS in Speech Pathology from the University of Nevada, Reno. She was born in Arkansas and grew up living there and parts of the East Coast before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1997. She works as a freelance writer, has written and edited for The Borgen Project and BORGEN Magazine. Brandy currently resides in downtown Reno, Nevada.

Brandy has just reviewed Linda Pastan’s Traveling Light. Since Brandy and Joanne will be introducing new poets to me, I thought it only fitting to introduce Brandy to one of my favorites, in other words, not a new poet. The fact that she wants to read more Pastan just proves exactly how wise we older reviewers are. I know you will enjoy Brandy’s review. – Sunny Solomon

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