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Veterans’ Day

Veterans’ Day is a day to not only honor veterans, but also those authors who have written about the wars in which veterans have fought:

• Stephen Crane                                 Red Badge of Courage

• Erich Maria Remarque       All Quiet on the Western Front

• Kurt Vonnegut             Slaughterhouse Five Or the Children’s Crusade

• Karl Marlantes                               What It Is Like to Go to War

• James McBride                               Miracle at St. Anna

• Bob G. Whitworth                          Through My Eyes

• Kareem Abdul-Jabbar/Anthony Walton     Brothers in Arms

• David P. Colley                                          The Road to Victory

• Laura Hillenbrand                                    Unbroken

Some of the above titles may have been required reading while in school and some, for their point of view, are not for everyone, but memoir, novel, or narrative history, they are books I’m glad I read.

We still haven’t figured out how to live without war. And so it goes.

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