Karen Hesse’s photographs which illuminate and give depth to her YA novel, Safekeeping, got me to poking around online to see who else likes illustrated books for adults. I almost can’t believe I missed this one back on 5/5/2010, but I did. From the online the guardian is a list of Jim Bob’s favorites:

Jim Bob’s top 10 illustrated books for adults

The Carter USM frontman explains how OCD led him to books with pictures, and reveals the ones he’s stolen from to write his new book.

To his list I would add Alex Garland, Umberto Eco and W. G. Sebald. I love what illustrations can add to the written word. As a bookstore manager, it always made me sad when parents would insist that their little genius was reading “chapter books,” so, “please, don’t show me anything with pictures.”  Those kids will grow to be adults who think their grown-up books should not have illustrations.  Hey, their loss.


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