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Something new for Bookin’ with Sunny: The Poet’s Corner, my humble effort to prove, or at least to suggest, that poetry doesn’t have to be avoided. I’ve thought long and hard about this. And then it came to me! Much like the advice given to Ann Lamott’s kid brother by her father and contained in her book Bird by Bird, I might convince you, dear readers, poem by poem.

For some time now, I take a one-mile in-house walk every morning. This walk takes me past the more than eight hundred poetry books shelved along the brick wall of my living room. I often pause along that wall, grab a book at random, and then, slowing my pace, browse through the book to see what might get my attention. I am seldom disappointed and, in some cases when one poem suggests a closer look, I come to a complete halt, sit down and read to see what else may interest me.

Most of my books come from library sales, college bookstores, and indie bookstores, new and used. I collect my favorite poets, but also have a great number of poets I’d never heard of before buying their books. Used poetry books are cheap enough that even one or two good poems per book make the purchase worthwhile.

So, here we are at The Poet’s Corner, Poem by Poem. I will offer you one poem, name the poet and the book it came from, and a few thoughts on the poem. I’m not sure that anyone will actually stop by to see what I’ve picked, but if you find yourself at my corner and have any thoughts about the poem I’ve picked, I would love to hear from you. And should you think of a particular poem that you especially like, please let me know. I would be glad to share it with our readers.  –  Sunny Solomon

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