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Take the One Book Pledge

Back before Christmas and before receiving a holiday cold of blizzard dimensions, I found an interesting note from Village Books in Bellingham, Washington in the 12/22/2011 Shelf Awareness. I’m still on cough meds and thinking that even in this economy I should buy stock in Kleenex, but well enough now to comment on the article. The folks at Village Books were recommending that their customers take the One Book Pledge:

Readers who want to keep their local community strong can take the “One Book Pledge” at Village Books, Bellingham, Wash., which invited customers to register their name “and we’ll add you to our growing list of people who recognize the importance of independent bookstores to the health and culture of communities by buying one more book from us, and one less from chain stores, other online sellers or other retailers.”

Hooray! Something even better than my suggestion (blog re Booksmith — Great Destination/October 2011). So of course I wrote to the folks at Village Books and told them I thought their pledge idea was a great way to energize their customers and to spread the word to other independent bookstore customers.

In true independent bookseller honesty, Chuck Robinson of Village Books responded: For clarity you should know that we “stole” the One Book Pledge program lock, stock,and barrel from our friends at Bookshop Santa Cruz. They created it.

So instead of touting one new favorite bookstore, it looks like we’ll give credit where credit is due: Here’s to Bookshop Santa Cruz.

Stop by either store, in person or online. Both shops are examples of exactly why we cannot afford to lose our independent bookstores. No matter where you live, Take the One Book Pledge!

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