When I first became manager of Bonanza Books in Clayton, California, the departing manager gave me a word of warning about the bookstore ghost. She tried to convince me that when I lock up at night, after making sure the shelved books are neat and tidy and all those face-outs are secure, I should not be surprised to find the next day, on occasion, one or two of those books face down on a shelf or the floor and there may be a book or two missing. Un huh, another disgruntled employee? She assured me otherwise. There really were ghosts. After all, the store was close to some very well-known haunted houses. Clayton is an old mining town with its own history of ghost-infested properties.

So when the following came my way, I couldn’t resist. I bet you can’t either. I love it more each time I watch.

Oh, and the departing manager was right, on occasion it did happen just as she said.

Don’t let the shelf-bugs  bite.

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