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Welcome Neal Ferguson

Welcome Neal Ferguson, Bookin’ with Sunny’s newest reviewer.


What a pleasure to introduce our readers to our newest reviewer Neal Ferguson of the History Department at University of Nevada Reno. Don’t miss his review of Hilary Mantel’s Bring up the Bodies.


Neal Ferguson
Neal Ferguson is a self-described Anglophile. After studying for a PhD in British history and doing research for a year in various British archives, he came to the University of Nevada in 1970 to teach. Soon he found himself in administration where he remained until 2003. After returning to full-time teaching a decade ago, he decided to concentrate his teaching energies on Medieval British history and various global aspects of World War II. Dedicated to Ambrose Bierce’s proclamation that the purpose of war is to teach Americans geography, Neal insists that his students accompany him (in class) to sundry east European rivers and steppes, African deserts and jungles, south-east Asian mountain ranges and peninsulas, and small islands and coral reefs in the Pacific. Currently he is writing a book about the ups and downs of General Douglas MacArthur’s military reputation.

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