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Welcome Barnes & Noble

Bookin’ with Sunny is now linked with Barnes & Noble. We’re happy to let you know that you can hit their button and buy directly from them.  They’re neither as big nor as cheap as Amazon and they’re not as small as an Indie (independent bookstore), but they are a bookstore that participates in the communities in which they are located and that is worth supporting.

I’m still most keen on those independent bookstores, none of which can match Amazon’s marketing. But Amazon can’t hold a candle to the Indies in caring about the communities in which they do business. Our hope at Bookin’ with Sunny is that you make use of our wide variety of reviews and then call or stop by your favorite local bookstore and buy or order one of the titles we’ve reviewed.

Of course I am happy to get a small piece of Amazon’s pie with each sale made through Bookin’ with Sunny, but the bigger bites come from those of you who buy goods other than just books from Amazon. Those sales count, too, and are greatly appreciated, but don’t forget Barnes & Nobel and all those Indies. And please, if you don’t have a library card, head down to your nearest public library and get one today. Take a look at what your library has to offer. It’s no longer only books and, hey, it’s free.

Our goal, as always, is to get the best books into the hands of the best readers.  – Sunny Solomon

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