A big Thank You! to Claire Barnes for mentioning Bookin’ with Sunny in her blog piece If Not Now…..When? in Huff/Post 50. We at BWS appreciate her kind words: “a better resource for reading recommendations than the Bestseller lists found in big publications.”

I’m looking forward to reading Barnes’s work-in-progress, a book about step-grandparenting and dealing with other family issues of divorced or separated adult children. Check out her Huff/Post 50 piece and see what else this busy lady is up to.   –  Sunny Solomon



3 Responses to We made the Huff/Post!

  1. Thank you Sunny. I was glad to express my sincere appreciation for your website.

  2. Joanne Mallari says:

    This is so awesome! Claire, I enjoyed reading your blog post. It inspired me to keep learning new things and dedicate my time to what I value.

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