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Twice Reviewed Books

One of the many pleasures of running a book review site is that I can allow books to be reviewed twice, reflecting the text from another point of view. I knew this would be the case after I reviewed Ferenc Szasz’s Atomic Comics in early March of this year. I knew our resident expert on comics, Dan Erwine, couldn’t wait to get his hands on the book. His review is up today.


Most of the books we review at Bookin’ with Sunny are review copies requested from publishers, but some are books each of us have on our own shelves, so the request to review a particular book twice is not unusual. Three years ago I reviewed Paula McLain’s The Paris Wife, the novelization of Hadley Hemingway’s marriage to iconic American writer, Ernest Hemingway. Well, Ann just returned from a trip and during her travels she picked up a copy of McLain’s book at Powell’s in Portland, Oregon. There are some books, even if widely reviewed, you simply want your own two-cents-worth out there with the rest of them. Ann’s review of The Paris Wife will be posted as The Paris Wife 2. It is definitely worth a second review and I welcome her take on it.    – Sunny Solomon

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