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These Is My Words

These is my Words

4 Responses

  1. Ready to start this book now. Just finished Clan of the Cave Bear. Could not put it down. It is quite the story Konie

  2. Okay, ladies, read until 4:30 this morning.  I’m plum tuckered out, but fear’d I best not stop now.  What a read! Thank God for AAA.

  3. I meant to savor this book, but before I knew it I was sunk deep into the chair zipping through the pages.  

    I appreciated the “chapters” – just a little extra space at the end of an entry to finish up an event and allow me to blink a couple of times.    I also thought the author did a great job with the timing of Sarah’s diary entries in relation to occurences such as births and deaths.   Like the diary, the reader doesn’t always find things out as they are happening. 

    I enjoyed Sarah’s voice, the mix of savvy and naive and a lot of plain ole funny.

    1. I think your comments mirror a lot of others. I’ve heard nothing but good things. Now if we can just get the phone link going, Monday’s meeting will be special.

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