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Vaudevillean chickens? Expect nothing less from Sandra Boynton. Ms. Boynton makes bookselling easy with her loveable characters and music that will knock your socks off.

Do you have children at home?  Or in your heart?  Do your kids love to dance? Or do you?

If you’re a harried mom with little ones underfoot, Boynton’s Philadelphia Chickens offers the perfect solution, because I don’t think there’s a kid alive who will not stop doing whatever it is that’s driving you nuts when you put on this CD. Now, here’s the best part — take a look at the members of her cast: Beth Andrien, The Bacon Bros. (as in Kevin), Scott Bakula (this reviewer’s favorite), Keith Boynton, Adam Bryant, the Heath Sisters, Kevin Kline (yes!), Laura Linney (no kidding!), Patti LuPone (really!), Caitlin McEwan, the late Natasha Richardson, John Stey, Erick Stoltz, the Aaaardvarks, the Seldom Herd, and, are you ready for this? Meryl Streep! Oh, be still your maternal heart. You will be up and dancing before the kids, and the kids will follow, happily dancing all over the place.

Here’s another bonus: having trouble getting daddy to interact with the kids? Not now. Pop in the CD, and between the music, the lyrics and the sheer joy of becoming a part of “a too-illogical zoological musical revue,” this book will be a life-changing experience that will keep you all laughing and dancing long after the last chicken has flown the coop.


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