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Still Alice

Still Alice

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  1. Having a lot of trouble reading this book. Woke up this morning practicing counting backwards by 7 and 6. That’s a bad sign. KC

    1. Replying again, Konnie. I can’t remember all of the dream I had after reading the first 35 pages or so last night, but I woke this morning with a general sense of unease. It’s remarkable how embedded the fear Alzheimer’s Disease (dis-ease) has become in the public consciousness. I’m off now for a walk along the Truckee, with book in hand, hoping that a change of scene might make the next 35 pages an easier read.

  2. Ohmygosh, that means I’ll have to put my never ending review of “The Philosolphical Breakfast Club” on hold and start reading “Still Alice.” It’s that good, Konnie, or that scary?

  3. Yikes, you’re not helping! I’m still working up my nerve to start reading. To help with my decision to even read the book, I read all kinds of reader reviews and viewed interviews with the author to make sure I could read as a rational reader with some knowledge of the subject matter and not as reader overcome by emotional content.

    My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 10 years ago and while I’ve generally avoided blogs and stories and technical articles, I liked this title, because although so much has changed, my mom is Still My Mom. And though she mixes up kittens with puppies and clouds with flowers, we have fun when we’re together and have yet to practice counting backwards by sevens and sixes.

    1. Judging from your post, Kristi, your take on this novel will be particulary meaningful to all of us. My heart goes out to you. I have gotten into the story now and I think it will make for very interesting discussions, especially since we have at least three members from the nursing profession, all of whom have probably some experience with Alzheimer’s patients. Looking forward to seeing all of you and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms present.

  4. Sunny, thanks for the great meeting last evening. The room was emotional charged, but all felt comfortable in sharing their experiences and not afraid to speak their truth about this dis-ease. I learned alot from all the perspectives and am very glad we read this book. To my fellow book clubbers, thank you for the wisdom and compassion. Donn

  5. @ Well, first we’ve got to thank Jennifer for the great recommendation. And yes, Donna, it was a terrific meeting and what makes this group so remarkable is the give and take and the confidence to say what whatever. You guys are the greatest!

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