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Reviewing the Self-published Book

Reviewing the self-published book:

After a lot of thought and meetings with both editors and authors, I’ve decided, for the time being, and with a few  exceptions, Bookin’ with Sunny will not review the self-published book; the exceptions being:

1. The author has a recommending agent

2. The author has been previously published by either mainstream presses or lit. magazines

3. The book is available for purchase at independent bookstores and not only Amazon or as an e-Book

4. Books published by independent presses with distribution included

5. Personal knowledge of the author (including their editor) and their writing

At the moment, we are not short on books to review. I don’t anticipate that state to change, but should I have an increase in reviewers, I may consider having one reviewer willing to review self-published titles only. Of the few self-published books we’ve reviewed, all have met the above criteria.

I wish I could consider more books than we currently do, but time and energy does not permit it.

Sunny Solomon, Bookin’ with Sunny

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