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Reading What’s New Now and Then

Every time I read a list of what different magazines or websites declare their favorite books for the past year (2013), I’m astounded at how few, if any, are included in the books that we’ve reviewed at Bookin’ with Sunny.

Just the other day I posted Neal’s review of Mark Helprin’s A Soldier of the Great War. Without going back to look, I think it came out in 1991, or somewhere in that time frame. I loved that book, but wasn’t writing reviews at that time, so was pretty darned happy when Neal took it for review last month. I’ve just finished reading Gwendolyn Brooks’ 1953 novel, Maud Martha, a must read and soon to be reviewed book.

At least two of the books at the top of my to-do stack are just out this year. Lots of the books we review are brand new, so the fact that our list of titles reviewed doesn’t jibe with “best reads” lists from some very popular review sites and magazines can only mean two things: 1) the book business isn’t dying. and 2) aren’t we lucky that there are enough titles to go around! Ditto for all you good folks who read our reviews.

I especially like the fact that we review what we think are good reads, maybe not always perfect reads, but good reads. Bookin’ with Sunny should be bookmarked on whatever device you take with you to a bookstore, especially a used bookstore. Spot a book you’ve never heard of? Something published back when? We may surprise you and have that very title among our reviewed books. Check it out.                           – Sunny Solomon

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