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One Book, Two Reviews for Next to Love

This short blog is a heads-up to the second review of Ellen Feldman’s Next to Love. I figured if the NYT Book Review can review a book more than once, well, why not BWS?

When I read Ann Ronald’s review of the book, I was hooked. I had to read it. I read it, and she is right, it is an important book. Then I wrote a review of it for the Clayton Pioneerin Clayton, CA. I was struck by the different things each of us found inNext to Love. That’s when it occurred to me to post my review.

As Bookin’ with Sunny acquired other reviewers,  I saw how much fun it was to read what they thought and how they wrote. It certainly enlivens the website and gives the viewers a wider range of what is out there to read. We all have our own style of writing and hopefully those of you who return to the site often, will recognize and value this variety. I just wanted to get this out before I post my review of Next to Love.                                     -s.s.

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