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New and Not-So-New

Today, we just published two new reviews by Ann Ronald. One is  on Jack Todd’s Sun Going Down and the other is on Dorothy Wickenden’s Nothing Daunted.  I make mention of their publication because they are reviews of titles that are “not-so-new.” I thought it probably a good idea to again state our thinking behind our reviewing books we think worth a reader’s time and money.

When I began Bookin’ with Sunny, I had a stash of advance reviews from my bookselling days. I continue to offer them to any of those reviewers now on board. The Todd book just reviewed came out in 2009. I was so used to looking at its cover that I was quite surprised it was already four years old. That’s what got me to thinking about how we go about picking books around here. The second book, Wickenden’s Nothing Daunted, was bought from Kathleen at Great Good Place for Books, Oakland, CA
great​good​place​.indiebound​.com on a Bay Area trek some time last year. The other reviewers also pick up books throughout the year and we all have favorite Indie stores selling new and used books. Just last week Dan Erwine reviewed Suzanne Roberts’ book, Almost Somewhere, and I remember picking it up on one of my periodic visits to Bookshelf Stores in Truckee, CA Not all the books come gratis from generous publishers. My feeling is that by reviewing and recommending titles that are not brand-new, we are helping to support those bookstores selling used books.

The bottom line is still that we try to connect good writers with good readers, and I see no reason not to include a not-so-new book in the mix.          – Sunny Solomon

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