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One more event before this long day is over. I’ve just left a panel discussion on how to make Facebook work for your bookstore or even, yes, your blog. There ought to be an age requirement to save one from uttering embarrassing questions. Where is my webmaster when I need him? Oh, yeah, he’s packing up for a week of snorkeling in the Caribbean!

Tomorrow is mostly fun. Getting out of bed in Castro Valley early enough to fight the commute to a breakfast meeting with children’s authors at 8:00 a.m. Did I say fun?  Remember, I just came from a Facebook talk and that means Key Words are important, and the key word is MOSTLY, as in “mostly fun.” Visit with old friends. Check out the books looking for that reviewer to put her mark on.

In the meantime, gotta go. It’s almost time for the NCIBA annual meeting. That would be the Northern California Independent Booksellers Association.

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