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Movie Reviews Too!

Our reviewer Brandy Burgess is a big moviegoer as well as a book reader and what a pleasure for us to link her review of the movie  A Wrinkle in Time as it appears on the website Comicbook Debate.

Of course, now she will have to review Madeleine L’Engle’s novel A Wrinkle in Time for us. The book is now a young readers’ classic.   –  Sunny Solomon


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    1. Thanks, Alyce – But the review is from but written by one of our reviewers. Brandy Burgess writes for them as well as Bookin’ with Sunny. Lucky, us! You’ve given me an idea though. Maybe if a movie comes from a book, and the book has been reviewed by us, the same reviewer might do a review of the movie. Hmmm?

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