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Ecology Tale from Stamford CT

Ecology Tale from Stamford, CT


The Story of Little Pumpkin and his Pop in Stamford, CT

Little Pumpkin: Wow, Pop, they finally took us out of the house! And what a view, just look at these colors! Pretty neat, huh?

Big Pumpkin (Pop): I hate to tell you this son, but they didn’t leave us out here to enjoy the view.

Little Pumpkin: What ya mean, Pop? They just went to Manhattan for a couple of days, right?

Pop: Yeah, they did, but we won’t be here when they get back home.

Little Pumpkin: Why? Are we going someplace, too? Huh, Pop? Where we going, Pop?

Pop: Yes, son, we’re going on a journey but not the sort of journey you’re thinking of.

Little Pumpkin: I’m all ears, Pop, even if they didn’t cut out ears for me, I’m listening.

Pop: Well, little guy, it’s a bit of an ecological, environmental journey. But in a way, we’ll be going home, ourselves.

Little Pumpkin: I don’t understand. Didn’t they put us out here to enjoy the crisp weather and the colorful leaves?

Pop: Actually, Son, we were left out here to be a part of the scenery. You see those squirrels over there? And the deer, just behind those trees?

Little Pumpkin: I sure do, Pop. They’re kinda cute.

Pop: Well, we’re just as cute to those squirrels and deer.

Little Pumpkin: Are they going to be our friends, Pop? Will they come by?

Pop: Yeah, kid, you can count on it! They are part of the journey we’ll be taking, a sort of intestinal journey.

Little Pumpkin: Intestinal journey? You mean like they might eat us?

Pop: You got it, son. Smart you are. A real slice off the old squash. In the end, my boy, we’ll end up right back in the soil, right back where it all begins.

Little Pumpkin: Pop! That’s not fair!

Pop: Well, son, it’s not, but humans don’t live forever, either. We all end up back in the ground.


Little Pumpkin:  Pop, do you think maybe they might have forgotten to lock all the doors?

By Sunny Solomon, remembering Stamford, 11/06/2019


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