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Darn! What was the name of that book?

WHAT WAS THAT BOOK is an online community of librarians from all over the US and Canada, and it’s exactly the place you can go to when you desperately want to go back and re-read that book that moved you so when you were 12, but all you can remember about it is that, say, a boy who liked Mars bars was befriended by an old man in a canary-yellow vest and the author might have been English.
– J.S.
Thank you to Jacqueline Smay for bringing this terrific and essential website to my, and now your, attention. It pays to remain on friendly terms with one’s children. Now if I could just find that list of almost-titles I’m trying to remember.     – s.s.

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  1. There were three books about a city of engineers surrounded by barbarians. One engineer left the city and taught a group of barbarians what he knew.
    This must have been about 10 years ago, maybe less. I really enjoyed them. I read constantly and dont remember the name or author.
    If anyone could tell me what these books are, i would appreciate it.
    [email protected]

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