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Breakfast at Sally's

Breakfast at Sally’s

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  1. Greetings, all! Okay, I really thought I’d hate this book, but darned if it’s not a pretty good read. But I’m not sure that I don’t like the pooch best of all. In the meantime, I’m almost at the end of his story and looking forward to know what the rest of you thought of it. 

    Also, did we agree to read “The Help” for July?  I have a couple of good picks for the some light, short and good reads we can think about as we head into the summer – God willing it ever gets here.

    See you Monday night.

  2. Mimi Thanks for the suggestion to read Sallys. It made for an interesting discussion
    Janet  looked at reviews for The Women Warrior and Fools Crow. Both sound like good reads.
    Sunny  Did we really pick French Lessons? You called it fluff.
    Me I just started Dreams of Joy by Lisa See. I like it so far.

    1. Konnie, sorry it took so long to see your comment.  Yeah, I did recommend the book. I called it “fluff” but that being said, I also said it was very high level fluff. I picked it because of the writing. Sussman did some pretty nifty things with this tale and, by the way, I also called it a fable. I sent my review to the author and she was happy that I got her book “on so many levels.” It’s one of those books that has, I think, a lot more to it than first seen. And it is short, so it makes a good summer read and especially after reading “The Help.” Had you already read that one? Someone whose opinion I think a lot of told me why she thought the book failed and until it was picked for our read, I had actually passed on it. Ohmygosh, glad it was picked.  Unless something terribly wrong occurs between now and the end of the book, I’ll consider it one of our best choices.

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