One Response to Attack on YA Fiction

  1. Rachel Hanley says:

    Hi Sunny,

    You know, when I first wrote that post I worried I was entering the debate far too late, but it isn’t a debate that ever dies down. That post has received a lot of traffic and comments, which only proves it’s an issue about which people feel strongly. It’s not an old debate, but it’s not that new, either. “What content should be in the young adult literature section?” has been a vital question ever since young adult literature broke off as its own section!

    Thanks for sharing your own story about Sherman Alexie’s work. It’s one of the most rewarding feelings as a bookseller: when I recommend a book that someone loves so much they come back to store to find me and thank me for suggesting it. And, yeah, sometimes dark young adult books find people at the right moment and make a profound impact!


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