The Warmth of Other Suns

  • Jlesleyevans

    Hello everyone,

    I’m 100 pages into this book and ready to say that it is fab­ulous. Even the table of con­tents was a pleasure to read. I’ve already learned so much and felt so much. Don’t be put off by the length. Even if you haven’t fin­ished the book by the time we meet, you’ll have plenty to say and be able to enjoy the discussion.


  • Sunny Solomon

    Thanks, Janet — my feelings exactly.  If anybody else is just starting the book, don’t let it’s length intim­idate you. It is such a good read and nar­rative history at its best. I’m beginning to believe that women, the more verbal sex, write the best nar­rative his­tories. I read this when it first came out and it is still resonating. 

  • Donna

    To the book clubbers…even it you haven’t fin­ished this book, go to Wilkerson’s web site and listen to the inter­views she has given.  I lis­tened to the NPR radio interview and then KQED 50 minute interview.  Her insights are incredible and it really makes the research and the whole movement come alive. I espe­cially liked her reac­tions when she found herself in Atlanta due to some business deci­sions.  She brought out how much the migrants left behind and realized the strength of each one of these indi­vidual deci­sions. She also reflects on how much the South  lost by  the movement of these  people and their descen­dents. This woman is a prmie example
         Good reading…I know the book will bring up lots of issues.    

  • Sunny

    Great sug­gestion, Donna. I’m so excited to see what others have to say about this pow­erful book.  I’ll get an email out, but for all of you who drop into the site — see you tomorrow night!

  • Sunny Solomon

    Fol­lowing Donna’s lead, I just fin­ished watching a speech by Wilk­erson at Yale. It’s too long for the meeting, but if you can take a look at it before you come, it should fire you up: http://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​f​yFUBPAZzqk  Look for her picture and click away.

  • Sunny Solomon

    What a won­derful meeting! Your com­ments were so thoughtful and as always, I leave our meetings incredibly happy to be a part of this enthu­si­astic group of readers. See you next month.


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