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Our Book Club Meets Online

The library may be closed, and we may all be at home, but the book club will continue. Here are some tips and tricks to help you enjoy online book club meetings.

Connect with the Club Using Google Meet

  • You will receive an invitation with a link to join the book club meeting. We will also post the same link on the book of the month’s page.
  • Supported web browsers include the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
    • Pro tip 1: Chrome seems to work best.
    • Pro tip 2: Use a smartphone or tablet app (Hangouts Meet by Google on the iOS or Android app store)
  • Click the link or paste it into a supported browser to join the meeting.
  • If you want to be seen, you need a camera.
  • If you want to be heard, you need a mic or a telephone.

Google Meet User Interface

Before you join the meeting...
Google Meet user interface
  1. Toggle button to mute the mic
  2. Toggle button to turn the camera on/off
  3. Settings to change your mic, camera, or turn on captions
  4. Click to join the meeting
  5. Click to enter your phone number, and join by phone — good for people without a mic
While in the meeting...
Google Meet user interface

Move your mouse to the bottom of the screen to activate the lower menu bar and access 6, 7, 8, and 9:

  1. Toggle button to mute the mic
  2. Hang Up and leave the meeting
  3. Toggle button to turn the camera on/off
  4. Toggle captions on/off — this is a nice feature that creates CC in real time
  5. Click to see who else is in the meeting
  6. Click to sent a note to everyone…this is a good place to post a question or ask to be called on to talk

Tips for a smooth meeting

  • Sit where light hits your face to be seen on camera. Backlight can make you look like a shadow figure.
  • Put yourself on mute when you are not speaking to minimize background noise.
  • Use the chat window to let the moderator and group know you’d like to speak.
  • Call on others if you want a specific person to reply to your comment.
  • Have fun!