Last night I attempted to post a book review of Toni Morrison’s novel Home. I did everything right. Three times I did everything right. Some of you wonderful folk let me know that all they got when clicking the image of the book on the home page was the image of the book on the home page, but no review.

I am an admin, but not the best. I reached out to TJ our top Admin, and he thought for no more than a moment and said, “Maybe WP doesn’t like Morrison’s title Home. Let’s try adding the word ‘novel’ to the title, and I’ll bet WP will figure out Home is a book review title and not a command to return to the Home Page of Bookin’ with Sunny.”

TJ was right, and that is why I am an admin without a capital A. Thanks to all who gave us a heads-up as to what was happening.   –   Sunny Solomon

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