If this doesn’t say why we love our independent bookstores, I don’t know what does. I hope all of our readers in Nevada or California (and any others who might be on the road) will stop in Truckee and visit this wonderful place to browse for books. You will be glad you did.   – Sunny Solomon

An Update on The Bookshelf

Why a “real” book? We asked our customers during our Save Our Shelf campaign and here’s what they told us.  ” You give it to others.”  “I love being able to pass it on.””I like operating as a lending library n’ sharing the stories and things that I love with other people.  “They don’t break.” “They don’t need batteries.” “You don’t need a charger.” “They still work if they get wet.” “The feel of holding a book.” “Books feel better.” “The smell, feel and comfort I get from a real book.”  “Books don’t crash.” Time and again people talked about the connection they feel with books.  The way they look on a shelf. Lending them to friends.  The smell of books.  And the importance of a “real” bookstore  to introduce people to books and to new ideas they might not otherwise find. For me, what is particularly important is that all kids have access to books.  After we moved the Bookshelf down the street, Erika went up to Safeway and passed the old location.  There was a little girl with her family standing outside the empty space and she was crying because the Bookshelf was gone.  Erika was able to let her know we were still here, just down the street.  That’s why I have been a bookseller for 23 years.  The local community stepped up to support us and let us know how important we are in the Truckee community.  We had some record sales days and it felt great to feel valued.  Even though some past customers are still finding us in our new location, people continually tell us they wait to buy their books here, or they will make a special trip to buy books here, or what a great selection of books we have, and that they love our staff recommendations. I still feel gratitude for the outpouring of support from the Truckee/Tahoe community.  That said, the past few months have been challenging as sales have continued to drop since last summer. And,of course, the weather did not cooperate this past winter. We still receive great support from the schools, including their spending as much of their “Excellence in Education” grant money with us as is feasible as well as other funds.  We are hugely grateful to them, and to local librarians and our many regulars that make a point to buy their books here and urge their friends and book clubs to do so as well. And so, as The Bookshelf lease is up at the end January of 2016, the time has come to make a decision about the future.  I will be listing the store shortly, but wanted to give you all a heads up and to tell you that we will be here for our booklovers through the holidays and will do our best to find a new owner for the store.  I was hoping a cooperative could be formed, but only two people showed interest in the last e-mail I sent this spring.  So if some of you would like to have a meeting about a cooperative (multiple persons buying the Bookshelf to share responsibilities), please let me know.  I am getting ready to list the store next week.  If all fails the store will close at the end of January.  And I must give my notice here by October 1st.  In the meantime, thank you in advance for your continued support in keeping the Bookshelf viable. And there is one person out there who left their e-mail in case I should decide to sell the store.  An e-mail that has gone missing.  Here’s hoping you get this.

Deborah Lane
Bookshelf Stores, Inc.  | 530-582-0515  | [email protected] | bookshelfstores.com  Facebook   Twitter


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