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Father’s Day Picks

Recommending a book for dad is much easier than a title for mom, at least that was my experience when I pounded the brick and

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Mother’s Day Picks

I will add to this later today, but wanted to at least alert you to two of my favorites: Philadelphia Chickens, by Sandra Boynton  — 

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Sunny Solomon

Summer Horse People

I just finished reading Lord of Misrule and it proves what I’ve known since I was a kid: nothing beats a good horse story. The characters

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Coffee, Tea & Book(s)

What could be better than sitting down with a really good book and your favorite cup of coffee or tea? Well, okay, maybe that book and

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Sites we especially like

Here are a few sites worth exploring and bookmarking when you have time. Civil Eats Promoting Critical Thought About Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Clayton

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Top Editors for Authors

An editor is a little like a doctor—you need to trust her professional opinion and she needs to know how you work. Here are a few editors

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