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Did you notice the new Buy buttons on Bookin’ with Sunny: We are excited to announce our affiliation with, so that you can now buy books at BWS. 

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Ricardo Esquivel – Pexels, you ask? Yes,! They are an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. They give more than 75% of their profit directly to stores, publishers, authors, and others who make up the thriving culture around books!  has raised $10,360,070.01  for local bookstores as of December 31, 2020.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Thanks to Bookshop, there is no reason to buy books on Amazon anymore.” — Inside Hook

“ hopes to play Rebel Alliance to Amazon’s Empire.” — Chicago Tribune

BWS stopped posting Amazon links almost seven years ago, and we are looking forward to helping put a dent into Amazon’s ongoing attack on our world of books. When you click a Bookshop link on our site and make a purchase, you will get a good price, great service, and your purchase will generate a small commission for BWS with an equal payment to independent bookstores. wants to give back to everyone who promotes books, authors, and independent bookstores! BWS is proud to be part of a major movement to support local bookstores and authors while offering its readers an alternative to Amazon when buying books online at competitive prices.

I bought my first two books from Bookshop last week, and I am tracking their arrival just like other online orders. It may not be overnight delivery, but I will gladly wait a couple of extra days to support independent stores and authors over Amazon. I hope you will, too.

The next time you stop by to check out our latest book reviews, book club information, or something from our This ‘n That column, stick around and check out our welcome mat for a new shopping experience at Bookin’ with Sunny.   –Sunny Solomon

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  1. Great information about using and why. I’m sure all followers will be excited to try it. So good to see how BWS is again supporting our communities in helping local bookstores stay with us.

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