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Ann Ronald

What You Have Heard is True

WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD IS TRUE: A MEMOIR OF WITNESS AND RESISTANCE I can’t recall reading another book about a topic absolutely foreign to me

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Sunny Solomon

Sweeping Up Glass

Hang on folks, here comes the best read I’ve had this year. Carolyn Wall, an Oklahoma resident who has taught creative writing to children and

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This 'N That
Sunny Solomon

I Didn’t Buy It On Amazon

Everyone who comes to Bookin’ with Sunny knows that I wholeheartedly support independent bookstores. Several months ago I removed the Amazon button from my website.

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Children’s picture books
Sunny Solomon

Crouching Tiger and dragons, too.

CROUCHING TIGER AND DRAGONS Just in time for Chinese New Year 2012, the Year of the Dragon, is Ying Chang Compestine’s newest picture book, Crouching

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