Bookin’ with Sunny  is pleased to introduce two of our newest book reviewers:

Dan Erwine: Dan holds a BS in Telecom­mu­ni­ca­tions, San Diego State Uni­versity and recently retired after four decades in radio broad­casting. His back­ground includes San Diego sta­tions KFSD and NPR’s KPBS, and KUNR in Reno, NV. Over the years, Dan has pro­duced and hosted a number of talk shows and inter­viewed over five thousand writers in almost every genre and career, from such notables as David Brin to Seamus Heaney, Allen Ginsberg, Judy Collins, Charlton Heston and Wally Schirra. Dan is a comic book afi­cionado and has a special interest in film, science fiction and mystery. He lives with his wife in Reno, NV.

Dan has already reviewed the graphic novel Tumor and he joins Jacqueline Smay in reviewing a genre seldom covered for a general readership.

Joanne Mallari: Joanne holds a BA in English (Writing) with a minor in Spanish from the Uni­versity of Nevada, Reno. She cur­rently teaches preschool at St. John’s Children’s Center. Her interests include poetry, shower recitals, and dancing at random. Joanne lives in Reno, NV.

As of today, both Dan and Joanne have posted their first reviews for BWS. It is great fun to have two more areas of interest to cover. Joanne is a life­saver because poetry is not the easiest genre to cover. We just posted her review of Lucille Clifton’s book, Mercy.

3 Responses to Welcome to Our New Reviewers

  1. Welcome! (throws con­fetti) :-)

  2. Tygerpen says:

    Joanne’s review of Mercy is impressive, espe­cially con­sid­ering the dif­fi­culty of reviewing works/​collections of poetry. Glad to see she’ll be con­tributing to Bookin’.


  3. Sunny Solomon says:

    Thanks, Trudi — she’s going to be an asset to the site.

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