I can’t imagine why it’s taken me so long to climb on the David Liss band­wagon, but whatever the reason, I’m glad I did. For those of you who love to hunker down with a well-​​written his­torical novel, don’t pass up The Devil’s Company, number six of Liss’s novels.

Pro­tag­onist David Weaver is the 1722 London version of a private eye who’s been black­mailed into taking a job that puts not only his life, but the lives of family and friends in great peril. Under Liss’s capable hands we see, smell and taste the opu­lence and squalor of an almost off-​​putting and bois­terous London. The “Company” in question is the famed British East India Company, which is spreading its ten­tacles across world markets, not unlike our own present-​​day Walmart. The fabric of this thriller is cotton and there’s enough fashion throughout the tale to satisfy the most clothes-​​conscious reader.

The social, eco­nomic, labor, and political history is riv­eting, with just the right amount of espi­onage and romance to keep us content and asking for more. It’s tightly written, fast paced and the perfect book for these long winter nights that appar­ently have no idea that it’s already spring. Should the weather change or you put it off until summer, it’ll make a great beach read.

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