Even the Dogs by Jon McGregor has been short­listed for the IMPAC DUBLIN LITERARY AWARD.

In U.S.currency, the award is worth $131,096, one of the world’s richest lit­erary awards. Bookin’ with Sunny is glad to have reviewed this important novel.        –ss




2 Responses to Even the Dogs

  1. Mickey Weiss says:

    I didn’t get the reveiw on my email. Only the title and your end comment. Mickey  [email protected]

    • Hi Mickey — when you got to the “title and end comment,” look further down and hit the “Con­tinue” line and it will bring you the the very short item that I posted just to announce the book being short­listed. Then when you see that page, you should see the picture of the book and the title of the book is in blue print. Click onto the blue print title and that will take you to the review which I posted back in March 2011. If that doesn’t work, get back to me again.

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