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The Fly Trap

The Fly Trap When I began reading Frederik Sjöberg’s The Fly […]
Jan 26, 2016 /

Queen's Gambit

Queen's Gambit: A Novel of Katherine Parr Successful historical novels draw […]
Jan 23, 2016 /

Tahoe Blue Fire

Tahoe Blue Fire - An Owen McKenna Mystery Thriller I’ve been […]
Jan 20, 2016 /

The Expatriates

The Expatriates I would love to overhear a book club conversation […]
Jan 19, 2016 /

The Secret Chord

The Secret Chord Normally I don’t read fact checks or other […]
Jan 10, 2016 /

The Hours Count

The Hours Count Samuel Taylor Coleridge once decreed the necessity of […]
Jan 8, 2016 /
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